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The Art Section


2019 UK Conference


Art Section Conference, 4th to 7th August 2019, Peredur Centre, East Grinstead  

Through working with the Arts, we have the possibility to come perhaps closer to an understanding of the spiritual forces that form our universe than through any other branch of Anthroposophy. This is because we re-enact the cosmic processes of creation through the human microcosm.

In our creative deeds, we can feel ourselves joining with the Dynamis as we create a flow from the spirit world to the world of matter, working with the Exusiai as we embody form into substance, and hearing the speech of the Kyriotetes as we implant into our work the wisdom of the stars. We reach to the heights of the cosmos to gather the rays of the sun and we pull these down into material substance through the workings of our physical body to produce works of colour, form, space, and tone which resonate with this cosmic light. If we can listen, through full inner wakefulness, to how our thinking and our feeling and our will impulses come alive through this creative work, then we can sense how all nine hierarchies become activated in deeds which echo a memory of the vast cosmic forces that have created the earth over aeons of time.

Working within the arts we are constantly creating in two spheres at the same time. We create out into matter, bringing forth either objects or performances, and at the same time we create into ourselves, building organs of sensitivity, awakening to the subtle languages of colour and form, and developing perceptions that can read the spirits at work in nature and play them through our fingers. Within Anthroposophy, there are many encounters that we might feel to be meeting formative forces. The Elemental Beings, the Planets, and the Zodiac, for example, and the force of metamorphosis that weaves between, are all of huge importance, but often neglected are other forces emanating from the nine hierarchical choirs that sing the whole of creation into existence and which come to life in the mantric material of the First Class. For those of us who work with this material, these beings appear ever closer to our developing sense perceptions and this can have a profound effect on our own inner constitution, as well as on the art that we produce.

The aim of our 2019 art section conference will be to awaken and deepen our connection to the beings of the spiritual world and to feel how they work with others and teachers about the great creative act that is the universe. This will be an intensive research space and is open to all members of the school and others who can demonstrate a close research connection to the material. For those who are interested in touching into the subject they will be a follow up conference in 2020 which will be open to everyone. 


£ 35.00
  • per year
  • Please join, we cannot run without your support!!!

Conference Fee

£ 110.00
  • Adult Full Fee
  • Meals and accommodation not included

Student Conference

£ 80.00
  • Reduced Fee
  • Meals and accommodation not included

Starving Artist Fee 

£ 50.00

  • Meals and accommodation not included

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