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2018 UK Conference


2018 Conference of the Anthroposophical Art Association

August 31st to September 2nd at Glasshouse College, Stourbridge, hosted kindly by the Ruskin Mill Trust.

This conference will be open to anyone with an interest in exploring colour as a spiritual phenomena. We will try to gain a sense of where colour comes from , how it works, and what it is, by looking out into in the world aroud us and in to our human sense perceptons. We willl explore a number of different spectra, with a view to understanding the forces that work within different colour sequences and we will, above all, play with colour in a variety of media including pigments, light and glass.

The conference will be led by a number of artistists and scientists from the UK and abroad all of whom have been researching this question over many years, and this will be an opportunity to not only hear the fruits of their research, but to work alongside them in a series of taster workshops, each designed to provide a practical point of entry into the science, philosophy and spirit of colour.

Proposed workshops include:
Veil Painting
Molten Glass
Stained Glass
Lazure Techniques
Earth Pigments
Sculpting Colour
Natural Dying
Sunrise and Sunset Work

... with more to come. All in the context of the unique exhibition of light experiments from Switzerland, “experienceCOLOUR” see..  for more details

Please sign up as soon as you can, places are limited and it really helps us to have a sense of numbers, as early as possible. If you have a paypal account then you can use the buttons below. Otherwise, use our contact form and we will be in touch.

In order to make this conference a success we need people who can help us to publicise it. Please if you can, tell your friends, direct them to this page or.. DOWNLOAD THE A4 POSTER HERE 
Alternatively you can use the image on the left and print at A5 to make a little flyer.

Meals can be purchased in the cafe at very reasonable prices, and a list of local accommodation can be downloaded by clicking here There is also a possibility of camping at a local farm if you let us know in advance.

Thank You


£ 35.00
  • per year
  • Please join, we cannot run without your support!!!

Conference Fee

£ 110.00
  • Adult Full Fee
  • Meals and accommodation not included

Student Conference

£ 80.00
  • Reduced Fee
  • Meals and accommodation not included

Junior Conference

£ 50.00
  • 13-17 years
  • Meals and accommodation not included

c/o Gordon Clarke
Art Section,
Sigford Hall,
Devon TQ12 6LD


 Phone: +44 (1626) 824979