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The School of Spiritual Science

The Art Section is a research division of the School of Spiritual Science, a body founded in 1924 by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner. The School is open to anyone who has formed a deep inner connection to Anthroposophy and has reached a stage where they feel that they want to take a further step to represent this approach to the world. Membership of the School is a spiritual deed and we work together out of freedom and respect.

Within the School there are a number of faculties, including those of Natural Science, Maths and Astronomy, Medicine, Education, Agriculture, Performing Arts, Social Science, Humanities and a General Section. There is no strict membership to the sections, and individuals find themselves drawn to the people and places that they feel most compelled to work.


The term "Anthroposophy" (anthro.pos.offy) literally means the wisdom of the human being. It is a framework for understanding many of the deeper aspects of human existence and draws strands from many disciplines, all woven together into a unique and modern approach to human knowledge. Its roots can be traced through Goethe, particularly his scientific writings, and further back back into the Rosicrucian streams. However this ancient branch of knowledge was brought in a wholly new way by Dr Rudolf Steiner in the early part of the twentieth century.

In brief, it contains an understanding that everything that we see on earth is a manifestation of a spiritual impulse, and as such, there is life in all, in the stones, in the plants, in the animals and in the human. By studying these, both looking out into the natural world around us, and inwards into our own nature, we can, and do, gain insights into the formative spiritual world that lies behind and within the physical world.

For us artists, we are particularly interested in what lives in form, in colour, in light and in space. Even time is a spirit process, that can be worked with in an artistic way.

Anthroposophical Art

There is no real agreement as to what is "Anthroposophical Art" and we occasionally have conferences asking just this question. I can only suggest that it is that which is generated by artistic activities which take place within the context of Anthroposophy!

It is certainly not a school, a style or a discipline, and there are many artists who have been touched by anthroposophy (for example Joseph Beuys and Wassily Kandinsky) who do not claim to be anthroposophical artists. However, we all share some common values, and perhaps the most fundamental is that we are striving to see and express the living processes that we find at work within the world and within ourselves. Of course, this applies to many other artists too.

While always reflecting the individual, our art tends to be full of colour, movement, and supports sensitive aspects of our lives. We tend to spend less time making a critique of the industrial and disconnected that lives in our societies in this current age. This is not to turn our back on the challenges of the world, but because we believe that all that is in the world can be helped if we can illuminate it with the forces of our souls in balance.

Anthroposophical Art Association

The AAA is a member based organisation, recognised by the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain and the General Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland. We seek to support both the dissemination of our art, and also the individual artists in their working lives. We do this by organising workshops and conferences, exhibitions and by outreach work into schools and colleges.

We are open to all who are broadly supportive of our strivings, and there are two levels of membership. Associate membership is free and you only have to send us your email address (contact is only by email with this level of membership). We will then contact you, at most three or four times a year, to keep you informed of our progress and activities.

Full membership currently costs £35 per year (January to January) and for this you will receive a digital copy of the newsletter from the art sections of the English speaking world, currently produced in America, and you may also put up a gallery page on this web site. There may also be discounts to conferences and other paid events. More then anything, you will know that you are supporting a small team who give their time completely freely to manage the work of the Association.

Application for Membership can be made here.


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